Amanda James’s Top Three Books Set In Cornwall

Posted on: May 4th, 2015

To celebrate the paperback release of A Cornish Stranger on the 23rd of April and Under A Cornish Sky of the 7th of May I’ve asked several of my favourite authors to share their top three Cornish reads.

Here’s what Amanda had to say…

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier has intrigue, suspense and secrets. Du Maurier has a meticulous attention to detail and her sense of place and descriptions of Cornwall are breathtaking. I remember first seeing a mini series on TV in 1979 starring Joanna David as the second Mrs de Winter, Anna Massey as Mrs Danvers and Jeremy Brett as Maxim de Winter. I was so captivated by it that I bought the book and loved that even more, it has become one of my all time favourites.

Escape for the Summer by Ruth Saberton is the perfect feel good read. Three friends going through a rough time in their lives head for a holiday in Cornwall and after a series of unpredictable twists and turns, finally find happiness.

A Cornish Stranger by Liz Fenwick I read my signed copy of this book last summer after attending Liz’s lovely launch. From the first page to the last, Liz Fenwick’s beautiful descriptions of the Helford River area are enchanting, while the intriguing story kept me turning those pages. Each character is carefully and realistically drawn, and as such engenders feelings of empathy and compassion. I was kept guessing until the very end – loved it.


One of my books also out last year – Somewhere Beyond the Sea is a mystery suspense set in Cornwall. Dr Tristan Ainsworth, his wife Karen and their young family move from Swindon to Cornwall, Tristan’s former home where a new post has become available. However once there, Karen becomes withdrawn, depressed and agoraphobic. Tristan can’t understand why this has happened and his wife certainly won’t tell him. Then, as a tide of blackmail and betrayal is unleashed to threaten the foundations of their marriage, Karen and Tristan face a difficult question. Is their love strong enough to face the truth when the truth might cost them everything?




Amanda’s latest book is Cross Stitch It should be the happiest day of her life. Despite past heartache, Sarah Yates is finally marrying her true love, John Needler. But Sarah and John can’t pretend they’re an ordinary couple. They’re time travellers and where time travel is involved, nothing runs smoothly. One minute Sarah is saying her vows and the next she is hurtled back in time to a country that is on the cusp of war, and into the company of the bad-tempered Veronica Ratchet. Newly-wedded bliss is certainly not on the cards for Sarah as events see her travelling from the British punk era to 1950’s America. And even when she returns home she can’t escape Veronica. But when the past and the present collide, that’s when the real problems start … Sequel to A Stitch in Time   You can find out more about Amanda’s books on her blog or follow here on Twitter @akjames61

Please come back tomorrow to discover Jenny Haddon’s top three…