Cornish Summer Memories from Angela Britnell

Posted on: July 28th, 2018

To celebrate the paperback publication of One Cornish Summer Angela Britnell tells us about her Cornish holiday…

If you ask my three grown up sons for one word they associate with holidays in Cornwall the chances are they’ll come up with Dairyland! Don’t get me wrong they loved visiting my parents and adored the beach but Dairyland holds a special place in their hearts. It’s a farm based activity centre halfway between their grandparents’ house and Newquay that was one of the first working farms to open to visitors. It’s expanded tremendously over the 30 years since we started to go and is still flourishing. With a mix of indoor and outdoor things to do you don’t need ‘beach weather’ to go there.

At our first visit in 1987 Stephen was about 20 months old and by the time his brothers David and Mark came along the annual visit to Dairyland became a tradition. We’ve spent hours in the milking parlour, the petting area (known by me as Pet-A-Rat because that was always David’s 1stchoice) and playing on the various attractions. We marked their ages by that particular years’ attraction of choice from tiny toddler sized diggers in a big sand pit up to a daring zip line. The last Dairyland photo from our family holidays is from 2001 when Mark was almost 11. After that they became too old and other things drew them more but take a guess where Mark took his then 20 month old son, Franklin, earlier this year – to Dairyland of course! The circle of Britnell family Cornish holiday life goes on.

Being the best man is a lot to live up to …

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