Cornish Summer Memories from Fiona Perrin

Posted on: August 5th, 2018

To celebrate the paperback publication of One Cornish Summer Fiona Perrin tells us about her Cornish holiday…


I was lucky to grow up in beautiful Porthleven as part of a big family – our playground was the beach. But then, aged 16, I left Cornwall for ‘up country’. We still came back for holidays – eventually with children of my own, bodysurfing, exploring rock pools and eating pasties, but we always had to make the return journey up the A30 back to the madness.

Eventually however, home is where you need to be. So, my favourite Cornish summer was the one when I was lucky enough to be able to come back – not to Porthleven, but to a decaying Edwardian house overlooking the lighthouse right on Lizard point. I’d persuaded my husband in a moment of mid-life crisis that we were ready for life on the edge… the windswept, beautiful most southern point of mainland England.

When we finally got the keys to the house, it was my 18-year-old daughter and I who loaded a small van with a couple of mattresses and some camping chairs and set off to work out how much work was involved before we could move in.

And that became a magical time for all of us. Sienna and I camped in our mad, falling apart house – it had been owned by an artist who favoured summer of love colours and was very ‘interesting’.  We spent days laughing as we painted walls and gorgeous evenings exploring the cove below our house or having an end of the day beer on the cliffs on the way to Kynance.

It was coming home – but to new home and they were special days. My husband Alan and other children joined us and loads of our friends claimed not to mind about the lack of furniture and came and camped too.

Whether it was because we had left pressure behind or because we were in the clear air of the sea, it held the promise of a lot more peace to come.

Now I’m lucky enough to be writing this in a house that’s still got a ‘lot to do’ – but we’re all here, back for good, for many, more Cornish summers.

The Story After Us, published by Aria Fiction


If she tries very hard, Ami can remember when she used to have a dynamic and exciting career and a husband who she loved more than life itself, and who was equally smitten with her…

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The Story After Us


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