Cornish Summer Memories from Jane Lacey-Crane

Posted on: August 9th, 2018

To celebrate the paperback publication of One Cornish Summer Jane Lacy Crane tells us about her Cornish holiday…

My Cornish Summer

Even though I haven’t been to Cornwall for 30 years, it still holds a special place in my memory. As a child, growing up in London’s East End, my family’s yearly holiday to Newquay was something I always looked forward to. The whole family – aunts, uncles, grandparents and assorted others – would pile into their cars and we would travel in a convoy down the motorway.

We’d drive through the night, my sister and I sleeping under a duvet, sprawled out on the back seat. In those days no one worried about children rolling around without seatbelts on in the back of the car! The drive was long and punctuated by stops for the loo and, on one particularly memorable occasion, for my grandad to try his hand at throwing cowpats. He’d seen it done by some Texan farmers on the news – competitive cowpat slinging apparently. Needless to say, the weak English sun had failed to bake the cowpat as hard as was necessary in order to fling it successfully. I’ll leave the outcome of this endeavour to your imaginations.

Once we reached Newquay what followed would be two weeks of sandcastles, ice creams and pasties eaten on the beach. We’d drink endless cups of tea, brought down from the beach café in a battered metal teapot and served in proper cups and saucers, and have clotted cream teas everyday at four o’clock.

I had sand in my hair, and usually in my scone as well, but I didn’t care. The people I loved most in the world were all together; no work for Dad to rush off to, no shop for my grandparents to run. In my memory it was always sunny (that’s probably not true – let’s face it, it’s England) and no one got cross or upset. I’m pretty certain I even managed to not argue with my little sister which is no small miracle I can assure you; she was so annoying! I think it’s that sense of togetherness and family that I remember the most about those times, especially since in the years after my last trip, my family kind of fell apart.

I haven’t taken my children to Cornwall yet, but I know I will one day. Hopefully they’ll grow up to have the same fond memories of the place as I do. Minus the cowpats obviously!

Welcome to Rosie Lee’s cafe in the heart of the East End – where there’s not an avocado, slice of sourdough or double-shot no-foam soy milk caramel latte on the menu!

Rosie-Lee’s owner Abby is a woman without a plan… and her beloved little cafe is a business with a serious lack of customers. The Rosie Lee’s fry-up is legendary, but cooked breakfasts alone – however perfectly sizzled the bacon – aren’t going to pay the bills.

Fast approaching forty and fighting a serious case of empty nest syndrome, Abby realises it’s not just her menu that needs a makeover. And when Jack Chance, her The One That Got Away, saunters through the cafe doors and back into her life things definitely look set to change…

Abby has always believed a cup of strong builders tea makes everything better, but Jack’s reappearance is a complication even the trusty sausage sarnie can’t resolve…

If you enjoy Debbie Johnson, Jill Mansell and Jane Fallon, you’ll love Secrets and Tea at Rosie Lee’s, a frank, funny, feel-good look at grown-up life and love – as it really happens!

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