Cornish Summer Memories from Liz Eeles

Posted on: July 24th, 2018

To celebrate the paperback publication of One Cornish Summer Liz Eeles tells us about her Cornish holiday…

Don’t be fooled by the sunny vibe from this photo of me on a Cornish beach, circa 1970. It might look warm and summery, but chances are there was a biting wind coming off the sea and a bank of clouds about to dump a rain shower on my head.


Cornwall is magnificent. It has awe-inspiring cliffs and beautiful coves, delicious ice-cream, and fishing villages with narrow streets leading to picturesque harbours… and it also has lots of weather. Gales, pouring rain, thick sea fog, and mizzle (a drenching blend of Cornish mist and drizzle) – we encountered them all during our summer stays with Cornish friends. But I didn’t give a monkey’s.


Rain or shine, Cornwall seemed steeped in magic and romance to a child growing up on a Gloucester council estate. Fabulous-sounding place names – Quethiock, Mousehole and Boswednack, anyone? – sparked my imagination, along with the ghostly shells of old tin mines clinging to the cliffs as waves thundered beneath. And Robin Ellis galloping across the cliffs in the original TV version of Poldarksealed the deal.


So when it rained, I dug happily in the sand at Pendeen in my plastic mac. When the sun came out – and it did, sometimes – I knew I was in the most beautiful place on earth. And, many years later, when I was writing romantic comedy and needed a location for my first three published novels, I chose my beloved Cornwall.


My books tell the story of lost and lonely Londoner Annie Trebarwith who discovers family roots and friendship in the fictional Cornish village of Salt Bay. She also finds the man of her dreams and a sense of belonging – the same feeling of belonging I had whenever my dad’s battered Morris Traveller crossed the county line into Cornwall, my travel-sick brother threw up in the back seat, and our holiday properly began.


I was nervous writing about Cornwall and wanted to do it justice. So I’ve been delighted by the reviews, and particularly by messages from Cornish readers thanking me for portraying their county as it really is, and from readers who’ve never been but are now planning a visit. I’m so happy to pass on the Kernow love.




When Annie Trebarwith unexpectedly inherits Tregavara House, her much-loved family home atop the cliffs of Salt Bay, she begins to wonder: with all the good friends and warm memories she’s made in the village, could it be her forever home?

Luckily her gorgeous Poldark-lookalike boyfriend, Josh Pasco, has exactly the same idea. High on the Cornish cliffs he gets down on one knee, and Annie has everything she’s ever dreamed of.

But when a summer storm causes catastrophic damage to the beautiful but ageing house, Annie and Josh are faced with tumbling tiles and a massive repair bill – and a roof that’s leaked straight onto her wedding gown…

Can the Salt Bay community save Annie’s house and her wedding – and give Annie the happy-ever-after she’s always wanted?



 Annie’s Summer By The Sea:



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