Under A Cornish Sky – Shortlisted in the Romantic Novelists Association RoNAs

Posted on: February 10th, 2016

2016 Contemporary books

When you are starting out as a writer you dream. You dream a lot. After all that is where your stories come from. So you dream of the agent, the publisher, the readers and maybe a little bit of success. If like me you have ‘grown up’ as a writer in the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers Scheme you attend the awards and you watch friends win much deserved honours. You dream….but only dream. You never dare hope….it might tempt fate.


Just before Christmas I received an email from my editor. I was sitting in the café of Sainsburys in Truro having dinner on the way to collect Chris from the airport. I was physically and mentally drained. We’d moved from Dubai with the deluded vision that we could fit things into our home here. Christmas was coming and I wasn’t prepared. And I had delivered a book to my editor that was finished but wasn’t polished. Low, very low, sums my state up.


I sat under the florescent lights of the café crying. I had no idea that my editor had entered the book. I still can’t describe the feeling. The closest I can come to it – is overwhelmed. The RNA is my tribe. They have supported me as a writer from the start. Without them I might have made it but it would have taken me much longer. And certainly wouldn’t have been as fun.


Being on the short list with such talented authors is a dream come true. Good luck to all on the day. I’ll be raising a glass to the RNA who holds up the best in romantic fiction, helps to grow writers and supports them once they make it.