London Book Fair 2015 – Authors – Why Go?

Why I Go To The London Book Fair   First let me say I go because I have meetings with my editors from other countries. It is a golden opportunity to meet them and discover what if anything I can do to help them sell my books. Because a book fair is all about selling […]

Vive La France…Le Rivage Des Secrets (aka The Cornish House) is out today

It’s been a while, sorry. Under A Cornish Sky is back with my publishers, 2015 is well under way…belated New Year’s greetings. Today the French edition of  The Cornish House is out…I love the moody cover and in honour of that I have posted a bit of Throw Back Thursday on my Facebook page

The Summer of the Black Hare – scene nine

The pilot of the Cessna cast a disparaging glance at me as I looked at the empty seat next to him. I’d had a shitty night sleep fighting off things I didn’t want to turn the light on to see and being the back of a six seater plane would not aid my mood or health. […]

The Summer of the Black Hare – scenes seven and eight

My body ached after forty-eight hours of travel. It could have been achieved more in about eight if I had travelled directly but the more journeys I took the more difficult it would be to trace me. And now weary beyond words I stood before my great grandmother’s door in the mountains of Lebanon. Here […]

The Summer of the Black Hare- scene six

I picked up the gin bottle but then put it back down. The evening breeze was gentle off of the water and my haven welcomed me back. The gardener was still working hard and I wanted him to go but I needed him so I shut my mouth and walked down the crumpling steps to […]

The Summer of the Black Hare – scene five

Before coming out to the today, I had bleached my hair white this morning and I was now wearing blue contact lenses and floral print dress with a black jacket. I so didn’t look like me which of course was the idea. Despite my best intentions I was going to the memorial services. I knew […]

The Summer of the Black Hare – scene four

The first time I laid eyes on him I was stark naked. Is that the best way to meet future lovers? You then have no worries about how they will feel when they see your body. It was a cold day and the studio wasn’t any warmer than the frigid air outside. I had been […]

An Experiment…The Summer of the Black Hare

NOTE: This is a raw NaNoWriMo piece from 2011..warts an all…it shows what a first draft looks like…full of short cuts and cliches. Mostly it shows the important of editing…. There is an old west country legend…about the white hare. It is said that the white hare is a broken hearted maiden who follows her […]

Book Covers – Do Authors have any input?

One question that frequently comes up at talks is…do you have any control over book covers???? Well, yes and no. First I have been blessed with wonderful covers, but when the first pass at the cover for my debut book dropped into my inbox I was horrified. The garden was all wrong. It was a […]

New Website

Long over due and it’s finally here…a new website. What do you think? In the mean time while capable hands have been creating this site I have been launching A Cornish Stranger…everywhere, well, it felt like everywhere. Here are a few pictures from the events…