The Summer of the Black Hare – scene five

Before coming out to the today, I had bleached my hair white this morning and I was now wearing blue contact lenses and floral print dress with a black jacket. I so didn’t look like me which of course was the idea. Despite my best intentions I was going to the memorial services. I knew […]

The Summer of the Black Hare – scene four

The first time I laid eyes on him I was stark naked. Is that the best way to meet future lovers? You then have no worries about how they will feel when they see your body. It was a cold day and the studio wasn’t any warmer than the frigid air outside. I had been […]

An Experiment…The Summer of the Black Hare

NOTE: This is a raw NaNoWriMo piece from 2011..warts an all…it shows what a first draft looks like…full of short cuts and cliches. Mostly it shows the important of editing…. There is an old west country legend…about the white hare. It is said that the white hare is a broken hearted maiden who follows her […]

Book Covers – Do Authors have any input?

One question that frequently comes up at talks is…do you have any control over book covers???? Well, yes and no. First I have been blessed with wonderful covers, but when the first pass at the cover for my debut book dropped into my inbox I was horrified. The garden was all wrong. It was a […]

New Website

Long over due and it’s finally here…a new website. What do you think? In the mean time while capable hands have been creating this site I have been launching A Cornish Stranger…everywhere, well, it felt like everywhere. Here are a few pictures from the events…      

Christmas has come early…

As usual at this time of year I was focusing on the family and the house and on Friday I missed big news for A Cornish Affair… On Friday Novelicious (the fabulous blog about reading and writing) chose A Cornish Affair as one of its books of  the year!!! The link is here. It was a […]

Independent Booksellers’ Week and Mazey Day

Today was the start of Independent Booksellers’ Week and to support one on my favourite booksellers, The Edge of the World Bookshop in Penzance I offered to man the tills…in reality stand outside the shop and chat to people. Liz Fenwick and friend in front of Edge of the World Books It was also Mazey […]

A Big Week…I Reach a Certain Age and The Cornish House Comes Out In Paperback

This is a big week for me…I turn fifty and on Thursday The Cornish House comes out in paperback. In many ways I feel they are connected…Two years ago today marks the two book deal with Orion and that was a major event. It was the realisation of dream. The paperback of The Cornish House […]

In The Mind’s Eye

Sorry for the absence….I’ve been traveling and now have the kids here for Easter holidays… But this morning while I was working on book three I was aware of what people frequently ask me about…how do I write about Cornwall when I’m not there… This morning I was writing looking out at this view… (we […]

NaNoWriMo and Edits

I’ll be very quiet here for a bit as I’m working on editing A Cornish Affair…the good news my editor loved it- the bad news/good news it needs work, which I knew…. I have blogged at The Heroine Addicts about NaNo…here. Are you doing NaNo this year…I hope to if I can finish my edits!